Build what your environment enables you to support

Published June 5, 2024

Innovation has a cost, and the environment you are into has a budget that you need to respect. As a develop I want to experiment and try new things. But I also want the system I write to work, and I would like to have other people helping and collaborating. Because at some point I would like to go on vacation for example. Or I would like to take a break. Those are features you need to account for in your solution.

This is why it is important to understand what the environment you are into can digest.

If you work with experts that are not open to new technologies because they like what they know and they are good at it, there is nothing bad about it, you stick with what they are happy to support and excited to collaborate on.

If the founder of a brand new startup is good with Puppet and you are one of the first hired my suggestion is to get out the most you can from Puppet and from the happiness it brings to your colleague that still writes code because I am sure they will be awake when you instead would like to take a nap. Because this is what founders do in early stage startups. On boarding to early a shiny new cool and more effective NixOS based system will screw the team ability to fix problems. Trust me because I have some experience doing that.

Instead if you want to take responsibility, accountability to fix problems that your new stack will create, no matter how good it is, push for that! You will learn a lot.

Take the bet you are excited to win and the one that support the product and the environment you are into or you want to build. Good team build good solutions, good solutions needs motivate team. Motivation in my experience comes from a working environment that is well balanced between new solution and trusted one.

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