Tools are not solutions

Published June 17, 2024

Recently I posted about why I wrap everything into a Terraform Module, surprisingly (no, no really) Reddit was not focused on that at all but their comments were all about my suggestion of using Terraform to pilot Kubernetes.

I am going to write an article about how I use it because I think it deserves its own space, but it made me to realize what DevOps did to us.

The proliferation of all the tooling we have around releasing software, and the complexity that they hide, is a luxury that we didn’t have a few years ago.

It is still all about moving tar.gz if we think about it, but with a lot on top.

I don’t like to work with people that confuses tools with solutions. A solution may require one or more tools or no tools at all. I am sure you can find a solution with that you are use if you want. But the value is not in them, the outcome is the solution itself.

If you figure out how to make what you want with the tooling in place and the solution is good enough for where you are, I think you are doing great!

Do you need a monitoring platform? The solution you should aim for is a stable, low maintenance, easy to use for your teammate environment. It should not be Prometheus, InfluxDB, Datadog, Grafana, Loki, Jaeger. Those are tools, probably you will end up using one of them, but start elsewhere.

Is your company looking for a way to package their software? Nix, apt, docker are tools. You should put in place your experience to figure out the solution that works for the team you collaborate with, their skill set, the current scale you are into and what do you think they will land in the near future. Otherwise, we end up introducing a new tool that will bring the wrong outcome.

Please stop thinking about tools.

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