Do not let your engineer decide where to put their things. You can ask their preference but at the end somebody needs to pick the decision and hold it. If you are not in the position to take such decisions I encourage you to force who should do it take figure it out. Otherwise, every one of us will start using their own tool of preference, and you will quickly end up with an impossible to figure out messy environment.

I am driven by experience here.

Similarly to how GitHub as code forge is the default choice for many companies and not many run multiples of those at the same time you need to get to the same point with other things like:

I know developers like to experiment, I am a developer as well, but I also like clarity and I want to know that people can figure out quickly where to look up for things.

If you see a proliferation of tooling to achieve the same goal and knowledge spread across them with little sense it is a signal of bad decision-making and poor leadership. it is an opportunity to do better.

LLM won’t fix that.