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Published June 27, 2024

I am prod of my collection of RSS feeds. It is a continuously growing source of inspiration and knowledge. I thought about doing a weekly reading session live on YouTube, but I am not yet ready for that. I can try to do it in a written format.

Choose Boring Technology from David McKinley is an evergreen that I keep around when I need to tell somebody that its idea is great, but I think we should not implement that with a new dependency if we can. I realized that I briefly wrote something similar here as one of the first articles Build what your environment enables you to support.

I got to David’s article from nice Twitter Thread from our own Charity Major explaining why their proprietary storage engine is their value add, even when there are open source tools that work similarly and the scope of the implementation is so complex like a storage engine is! Likewise, I know by experience. As usual, it generated a great discussion that I think you should read.

Maggie is a new addition to my subscribers, I love her design, it brings positivity and good vibes. I read Home cooked software and I like the idea of a more artisanal concept behind the future web, but I disagree that LLMs will be the drivers to something that is not new at all. The web used to be, and I think it still serves for the majority a local community. It looks like the article says that the majority of the developers work for fast-growing startups backed by VCs money, but I am not sure if it is the case, I don’t have numbers to figure this out and I have no idea about how to retrieve those, but I think developers serving smaller communities are still the majority and yes, I hope the future economics will make them reacher than us working at VCs backed, burning GPUs, ruining the world kind of company because the only reason that kind of stops me to get back to that mood is actually the salary. Yep I want to be honest with you all. (did you see how I managed to sneak in another link from an article I read?).

This blog comes from the inspiration of Chris Ferdinandi with its own blog GoMakeThings, I am not a professional front end developers, but I like his value proposition when it comes to building a web app with simple components, a few dependencies and with the end user in mind. This week I read Can you build a modern web app with just vanilla Web Components in 2024? And I want to try it out! I am reading what he writes to get prepared for a little administrative UI that I think I will have to bootstrap at work and that I want to do following those principles. The same one I am trying to propose here but around operations and DevOps.

Just as side note for you here, I receive the answers’ sent by people subscribed to my newsletter and currently this is the way we have to chat about what I am writing! I can’t wait, feel free to know what you are up and say hello!

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